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NPCP | Civic Park

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10am church
If there’s a word that describes our 10.00am church it’s “reflect.” It is for those who like to quietly ponder the great truths about Jesus, who appreciate some of the older forms of worship. If you love hymns and the pipe organ, this is a great church family for you.


What to expect

At NPCP, church typically looks like this: 
We meet for the formal part of church at 10am. We have an amazing old pipe organ and we love to sing to our great God. We read the bible together. We hear it explained firstly in a kids talk, then one for the adults.
Our kids then go to kids church where they too look at the bible in a fun and interactive way. We want our kids to know Jesus and have a robust faith. 

After the formal part of church we have morning tea together, a chance to relax, to engage with one another about our lives and how to live those well for our great God.

Get in touch


12 Laman Street
Cooks Hills NSW 2300

Tim Ravenhall
Call: 0490 035 436

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